Top reasons why door drops work and why people like them!

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Top reasons why door drops work and why people like them!

According to CN Leaflet Distribution, this is why door drop leaflets are a great way for a business to reach its local market

1. People want to feel the message

When they are reading advertising messages, many people want to use their hands as well as their eyes. They want something to hold and touch; something tangible. Tangible means something that can be touched or felt, but it also means something that can be grasped by the mind.

This is how door drop leaflets can reach out to prospective customers and make them feel they are some way part of the advertising process.
By reading a leaflet while they are holding it means the message will have more impact.

2. Door drops are not “Junk Mail”

Over recent years the direct mailing industry has been subjected to a lot of negative criticism from certain branches of the broadcasting media. Much of this criticism comes from people whose salaries are paid from tax payers money, and who have little or no knowledge of a how competitive the world of commerce is.

Despite being totally unfair on legitimate businesses the term “Junk Mail” is synonymous with much of the direct mail industry. However, this derogatory term has not been directed at door drop leaflets.

3. Door drops are not seen as intrusive

Unlike direct mail shots, door drop leaflets do not carry the householders name and address, and therefore do not seem as intrusive as a direct mail letter. Many people feel that their privacy has been invaded when they receive a letter with their names on; especially if it is an offer they have no interest in.

A direct mailing will often come from a company or organisation far away from the person it is addressed to, and therefore gives the impression of being remote and distant.

4. Friendly, accessible and trustworthy

Door drop leaflets come from companies situated in the same locality as the area they are covering, and are thought as local businesses and therefore perceived as part of the community, accessible and trustworthy. A well targeted door drop will be offering goods and services that the householder is likely to need either now or in the future.

There is always a need for tree surgeons, double glazing, garden maintenance and many more products and services. People like this and it is why they keep door drop leaflets for over a month.

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