Colleen Kelly Trio
Colleen Kelly
Senior Account Manager
Trio Media
My passion for marketing, in particular digital marketing, started when I was working at a small yoghurt shop during my gap year. I saw how powerful digital marketing was for companies, especially SMEs, which lead me to get my degree in Corporate Communications. In 2019 I moved to the UK where I have climbed the corporate ladder from Executive to Senior Manager. I now specialise in many aspects of Digital Marketing, such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Website Design and run SEO and Social Media workshops for clients and students.
Improve your Conversion Rate in 2022 with our CRO strategies

We’ll talk you through our tried and tested strategies to improve the conversion rate from your website and digital marketing. This session will give you practical tips that you can implement immediately, along with the tools to measure your success. We’ll take a look at website UX, calls to action, CRO best practices, the best converting marketing channels for 2022 and so much more. This is a session not to be missed!

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