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Darren Teague
Senior Account Executive
Spotler UK
With over 5 years experience in the Digital Marketing Industry, Darren has established himself as an expert solutions specialist covering email and website marketing with a distinct focus on results based, data driven strategies. Darren prides himself on being straight talking and opinionated, not afraid to go against the grain in order to help clients succeed, and this has led to him carving out a reputation of giving marketing advice that delivers results. A well seasoned speaker, Darren talks on many topics in the marketing space leaning on his Economics degree to give unique viewpoints to complex situations.
The Art of Psychology in Personalisation

The application of behavioural science to your marketing strategy can dramatically increase conversion rates and therefore ecommerce revenue. Don’t miss this session as you will learn the following:

  • People make decisions emotionally (80% of the time), then rationalise logically – learn how to nudge your customer in the right direction. (Nudge Theory, Framing)
  • Choice is hard and options plentiful in every market – learn how to master the crucial conversion part of the process. (confirmation bias, herd behaviour, satisficing)
  • It’s easier than you think – you don’t need a PhD in Psychology, just the tools, support, ideas, network and platform to deliver this.

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