Simon Moss Spotler
Simon Moss
Head of Marketing
Spotler UK
I love marketing! Trade shows, podcasts, webinars, emails; sign me up for the lot! I’ll happily chat to you about any aspect of marketing on our stand, and as far as we know, “Insights from the Inside” is a unique piece of research. So come and say hi, it’s sure to be a treat!
13:20 Theatre A – Marketing insights from the inside

Every day our brains are over-stimulated with hundreds of marketing messages. In a split second we determine whether to respond or not. Simon presents findings from Spotler’s one-of-a-kind research, giving you insights into the way our brains read emails, and tell you the best layout. He’ll also share the secrets that Spotler have to offer to drive revenue, generate more leads and perform better marketing automation.

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