James Urquart
James Urquhart
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Lets Run Social
Who actually wants to hear about me? I would love to write all about my achievements, businesses I've helped or even my ‘expertise’, but if you want to hear why YOU need to use Paid Facebook and Instagram Ads in 2022 and have a ready made strategy to take back to the office, come hear my talk!
Facebook and Instagram Ads in 2022: BIG Changes, Pro-Tip, Secret Free Ad Strategy!

Find out what actually “Broke” Facebook and Instagram Marketing in 2021 and what BIG changes to both platforms have meant for companies needing and wanting to use Facebook and Instagram for lead generation in 2022. We are also going to give you our No1 PRO-TIP for those wanting to use Social Media in 2022 and you will leave the session with a FREE Facebook and Instagram Proven Strategy to take back to the office and implement.

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