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It’s in everybody’s interest to attract a great audience to marketingSHOWCASE Online, right? We all want to see lots of high quality, motivated marketing managers, don’t we? Of course. Our extensive marketing campaigns include hundreds of thousands of emails, scores of social media posts, building and optimising the best possible websites and mobile experiences, aimed at delivering you the biggest and best audience possible – that’s our job!

Here’s how you can help us to help you.

You could get 5 of your prospects to attend each event if you put your mind to it, couldn’t you? So could every exhibitor, with a little bit of effort. The result of that combined effort could be an extra 100 visitors for everyone!

The resources on this page are designed to make finding those 5 prospects even easier. So, feel free to copy and download any of these images for your emails, posts and websites. We’ll even create personalised versions for you – just ask.

Each of the resources below carries simple instructions if needed. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.


Tracking links will enable us to share with you the companies that have registered as a result of your promotion.

This link goes directly to the registration form, for any of your contacts to get their free tickets. It’s really important you use this link in every message you send.

It is very important that when entering this link it is entered the exact way it is displayed here, so use copy and paste to be safe.



Feel free to use this artwork anywhere you like, websites, social media, emails…

How to: Click on the image to enlarge, then right click and select ‘Save as’.

Email Content

Why not send an email to a sample of your database?

We suggest you schedule it 2 weeks prior to the event day and for best results we have found sending it on a Tuesday gets a good response.  Here is some content for you to use and/or edit for your own emails.

Dear XXX

I wanted to let you know about and invite you to a brand new style of event.

On the {{Date}} why not come to marketingSHOWCASE Online – The Virtual Event for Marketers.

It is a free, online, event from 10am-2pm that presents a range of leading marketing tools and services alongside thought-provoking keynote webinars. 

Not only do we want you to come because we will be there but, it is also a great event with inspirational ideas and practical solutions you can take back to the office.

Seminars Include;
– PR In A Pandemic
– Marketing with data under GDPR… Errr… No… COVID-19
– Build High Performing Integrated Campaigns In Challenging Times
– How Every Business Can Increase Revenue Using Social Media
– A Practical Tool For Creating Consistent On-Brand Marketing Content

Register for free here… YOURCOMPANYNAME


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