Meet the Marketer!

Exhibit at the national roadshow, designed exclusively for marketing professionals throughout the UK.

We’re taking marketingSHOWCASE on the road, introducing you to businesses in their own back yard.

Quality over quantity

It’s simple, why waste your time at an event with loads of people who just aren’t a good fit to do business? We only invite marketing decision makers from established businesses.


Less competition - more chance to sell

Our aim is to present visitors with a whole variety of different products, services and solutions. We keep a careful eye on the number of exhibitors in each product category. When you exhibit with us at marketingSHOWCASE there’s no crowded market. So, rest assured – you’ll definitely stand out.


Visitors who are ready to learn

Although as you’d expect, audiences are generally smaller at regional events, visitors appreciate them even more. Furthermore, our dedication to quality will ensure that visitors are highly motivated and ready to learn.

Want to speak to someone?

Want to talk about who visits, how many visit, who else exhibits, where our next show is, prices? Lets talk… 01425 477565

Start a conversation…

marketingSHOWCASE has become an important part of our business development strategy for 2017/8. We have found that the attendees seem to stay for the whole day rather than an hour or so giving you a good chance to make contact. We have also found that attendees are highly engaged and keen to speak to exhibitors to see what’s out there in the marketplace.”

Nick Washbourne

Commercial Director, Force24

We’ve tried other general B2B events and having attending the Marketing Showcase their focused approach for high quality delegates gets much better ROI for us. We’d definitely recommend exhibiting at this event

Rich Davies

managing Director, R3D2 Social Media

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