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Supercharge your marketing campaigns

London - The Emirates Stadium - 5th Nov 10AM - 2PM

Supercharge your marketing campaigns

London - Emirates Stadium 5th November 10AM - 2PM

Educational seminars

Hand-picked exhibitors

Marketing professionals

London’s event for local marketers

Learn how to get more from your marketing campaigns

Presenting of a series of highly engaging keynote seminars, together with an exhibition of the latest marketing tools and solutions. These events are built to inspire you with ideas and give you the tools to implement them.

Learn whilst finding new solutions to your branding, digital, lead generation, direct marketing, content and advertising needs.

  • Branding
  • SEO / PPC
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Data
  • Conversion
  • Advertising
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation
  • Strategy
  • Video marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation


Shortlist Marketing Ltd

Shortlist Marketing Ltd

Lead generation in the digital age, why integration is your

Receptional Limited

Multi-award winning Digital Marketing Agency
MMC Learning

MMC Learning

Masters & Diploma in Marketing
Force 24

Force 24

Marketing Automation
Buddy CRM

Buddy CRM

Easy to use online CRM
ContentCal Exhibitor


Social Media Management Software
Etc Branding

Etc Branding

Branded Merchandise Consultancy


We’ll make sure you have an amazing show!
SoAmpli Exhibitor


The social media megaphone you have been waiting for!

1 Stop Data Ltd

Data & Lead Gen Specialist


Experts in B2B lead generation
Flowbird Ltd

Flowbird Ltd

Marketing Automation & CRM


A digital agency that delivers ROI
Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics

B2B Lead Generation Software Tool
Sparkstone CRM

Sparkstone CRM

Intelligent CRM Solutions
Steel City

Steel City

Branded Merchandise Specialists
Oxford College of Marketing

Oxford College of Marketing

CIM Course Provider


Data-Driven Sales Platform
Formus Pro

Formus Pro

Marketing, Sales & CRM Software
Brand Clear

Brand Clear

Brand Communication Specialists


Business Lists - that work, safely

Keynote Seminars

Even more educational content!

We’ve doubled the number of keynotes, providing more content for you to choose from.

As always, 100% educational sessions, led by experts, designed to leave you with practical tips to implement straight into your company’s plans and campaigns.

Theatre A

10:20 -Data under GDPR and how to use it safely

Presented by Andy Smith, Corpdata

Keynote Summary

Andy Smith (Corpdata Managing Director) covers key issues about using personal data for direct marketing under GDPR; how to comply, how to rent lists safely.  Issues with your legacy data? Your prospects ( they are data subjects! ) and how to respect them. Using business lists under GDPR; data targeting, data accuracy, and data updates. Find out how to do things lawfully, get your due diligence and record keeping right and what you need to do if someone complains.

11:20 -How to Select a Brilliant CRM System – Avoid Common Pitfalls!
Glen Sparkstone

Presented by Glen Hewson, Sparkstone

Keynote Summary

Too often you hear about the failure of CRM projects – “it was wasted money”, “nobody wanted to use it…”

So now it gathers dust, Accounts want to axe the subscription, your team complain that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and you have this feeling that you are missing sales – a perfect storm that is easily avoided and can make you thousands – every day…
12:30 -How to 12x your marketing ROI

Presented by Adam Oldfield, Force24

Keynote Summary

Over the past 8 years, we have been evolving our own marketing approach, adapting as new tech becomes available. Along the way many aspects proved fruitless while some proved extremely fruitful! This techTALK focusses on the aspects of marketing that have driven considerable improvements in ROI, it breaks down the components, demonstrates the uplift and even how to implement them.

13:20 - Tackle marketing challenges with total confidence

Presented by Sean Masters, Brand Clear

Keynote Summary

How do you get the big marketing jobs done … and done well? How do you make positive change and get everyone in your organisation pulling in the same direction? How do you market with confidence and without any hesitation? 

The answers lie in clarity and direction. With them, everyone understands, believes and supports a central idea. Without them, everyone is an expert with differing opinions. I will share with you a powerful tool and some useful techniques for uniting everyone behind a single vision of your organisation and its value to customers.   

Theatre B

10:20 - What’s New in Paid Search (PPC)?
Receptional Seminar

Presented by Matthew Loughlin, Receptional Limited

Keynote Summary

Customers are more demanding, smartphones have created a super-savvy audience. Digital Marketers can hear

  • Why you need to understand your audience?
  • About Google’s new ad formats?
  • When to use machine learning?
  • What are the latest features to use?
11:40 -3 Ways to Power-up your Marketing Skills within the next 12 months
MMC Seminar

Presented by Imran Farooq, MMC Learning

Keynote Summary

Join this session to get insights from helping thousands of Marketers break-through to higher levels, reflect on the key questions to enlighten your personal learning journey and see the top 25 Digital Marketing Skills to Master.

12:30 -Become a Master of Social Media
Andy ContentCal

Andy Lambert, ContentCal

Keynote Summary

It’s getting harder to get noticed online, as a result, the costs of marketing are spiralling.  For businesses wanting to get seen, a strong content marketing strategy is critical to growth. I will be giving you the 5-step strategy to mastery.


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