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Presenting a series of highly engaging keynote seminars, together with an exhibition of the latest marketing tools and solutions. These events are built to inspire you with ideas and give you the tools to implement them.

Learn whilst finding new solutions to your branding, digital, lead generation, direct marketing, content and advertising needs.

Keynote Seminars

Always 100% educational sessions, led by experts, designed stimulate ideas and to leave you with practical tips to implement straight into your marketing campaigns.

Theatre A Keynotes

10:20 - How to build a high performance integrated campaign in 2020

Presented by Adam Oldfield, Force24

Keynote Summary

An in-depth look at what integrated in 2020 means and how to harness the power of many channels to drive a high performing integrated campaign.

  1. What is an integrated campaign and why should I run one?
  2. How do I use multiple marketing channels in harmony?
  3. What does the anatomy of a high-performing campaign look like?
11:20 - What’s new in digital search marketing
Simon Loughlin, Business Development Manager, Receptional Limited

Presented by Simon Loughlin, Receptional Limited

Keynote Summary

Keep up to date in this competitive and fast paced environment. As Google Premier Partners, Receptional are a successful multi award winning Digital agency. Hear about the latest features in PPC and how to use them to generate leads? Plus who is winning in SEO and how to improve your own performance?

12:20 - How EVERY Business can increase revenue using Social Media
Lets run social

Presented by James Urquhart, Let’s Run Social

​Keynote Summary

In this seminar, we’ll cover how Facebook can grow your business.  You can use these techniques to make more sales, build your audience, whether b2b or b2c!  Heck, I even show you why Facebook can be your most profitable marketing channel!

13:20 - Marketing with data under GDPR

Presented by Andy Smith, Corpdata

Keynote Summary

Covering key issues about using personal data for direct marketing under GDPR.  In addition to discussing the business importance of targeting, respect for data subjects, and record keeping and due diligence, Andy also explores & highlights their growing relevance to complying with GDPR.  Using some real examples of ICO investigations, considering some of the important steps to ensure you can respond to a similar enquiry or investigation. These include such issues as how to use data for marketing under GDPR; how to rent lists safely; Issues with your legacy data; handling data processors; the importance of data accuracy.

Theatre B Keynotes

10:20 - More Leads, More Sales, More Profit At Your Live Events

Presented by Paul Runacres, Clip

Keynote Summary

Generating return on your sales and marketing investment has never been more important or relevant . With so many marketing channels available to you, it’ s often difficult to know where to put your time, money and effort. But nothing replaces good old fashioned face to face. This keynote will help even the most experienced marketer discover why events are absolutely critical to your winning marketing mix, what kind of event your business needs and how you can do this cost-eff ectively.

11:20 - Unlock the value of your digital content using the cloud
Third Light

Presented by Michael Wells, Third Light

Keynote Summary

Marketing teams have an increasing appetite for creating new and engaging content, but if it’s buried in a messy filing system, stored on various USB’s or individual hard drives, it’s worthless.  In this session, Michael Wells, Founder and Managing Director of Third Light will explain how you can use the cloud to store and organise your content to make it easily searchable and unlock its value. Michael will go through different tools available and show real-life examples of how marketing teams are using future-proof technology to maximise the value they get from their digital content.

12:20 - Tackle marketing challenges with total confidence

Presented by Sean Masters, Brand Clear

Keynote Summary

How do you get the big marketing jobs done … and done well? How do you make positive change and get everyone in your organisation pulling in the same direction? How do you market with confidence and without any hesitation?

The answers lie in clarity and direction. With them, everyone understands, believes and supports a central idea. Without them, everyone is an expert with differing opinions. I will share with you a powerful tool and some useful techniques for uniting everyone behind a single vision of your organisation and its value to customers.

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