Traffic management signage system to support companies back into business

New people management system announced with the news that from the 15th of June 2020 a number of non-essential shops will be able to open

inurface Group have launched a brand-new piece of tech to their collection, allowing them to support businesses across the UK to safely open their doors to the public.

Their new people management system has been announced in line with the news that from the 15th of June 2020 a number of non-essential shops will be able to open under strict guidance and control, in addition to the essential retailers already operating.

Keeping people safe

For this to happen safely, all shops, both big and small, will need to carefully consider how they are able to keep people safe, by controlling the flow of people within their stores, in order to comply with new Government measures.

This new tech, developed by inurface Group, removes the need for extra staff to police entrances while controlling the movement of people in and out of stores and communicating this clearly and directly to the customer through digital signage.

As an entrepreneurial business themselves, founded 10 years ago in Bristol, with a focus on digital signage and now operating across the UK from their headquarters in London, the inurface team know how important making the right decisions can be for a business.

A fact never truer than as the country emerges from the COVID-19 crisis and begins a significant, and realistically long, period of recovery.

Easily scalable

By measuring occupancy as people enter and exit a store, the equipment can estimate waiting time should capacity be reached, accurately detect face masks if needed and be upgraded to include thermal monitoring technology should the vendor require it.

The technology is also easily scalable and can be used alone or alongside other systems. For Josh, CEO of inurface, it was vital that the solutions he offered were applicable not just for large sites or billion-pound retail groups but for all, right down to independent retailers and privately owned stores.

Unique retail mixture

Josh Bunce, CEO and Founder of inurface explains: “The UK’s retail market is made up of a patchwork of businesses, big and small, and it is vital that post COVID-19 we don’t lose this unique mixture of retail options and the environment they are capable of creating.

“While supporting the big fish might be where the big money is as a company inurface started small and grew with the support of others. It is because of this that it is vitally important to me that I do all I can to support as many people as I can by providing them with the appropriate technology solutions and the knowledge my business can provide alongside.

“My hope is that UK business will recover, maybe even stronger than before, but for that to happen we need engagement, determination and for people to embrace the options to help make it happen”

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