Editor’s choice: Connect with BrandClear’s Strategic Director, Sean Masters, at Marketing SHOWCASE online, 12.40pm, 12th May 2020…

With the ‘pandemic philharmonic’ creating a soundtrack to all our lives, there is no better time to change the vibe. 

May I suggest you connect with BrandClear’s Strategic Director, Sean Masters, in his next online Marketing SHOWCASE webinar. Sean will be reminding us of a post pandemic world for which we will all need to be prepared. 

Sean’s free sharing and teaching of his insight and practical strategic tools will take you beyond traditional rhetoric and cliches, and show you how to discover what’s really important to those buying your product or service now and post pandemic. 

I’ve seen Sean in action and not only does he possess a mesmerising intensity, but his pace and thinking is highly accessible. However, without your presence, Sean will remain a solitary genius and that’s a waste of genius… 

Alison Jones, Content Editor, Marketing SHOWCASE


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